Capturing Human Movement and Biomechanical Data


The BioCap system is a world first patented technology that captures the most comprehensive range of human movement and biomechanical data available today. This includes unique three-dimensional force data, strength analysis, joint loadings, range of motion, full body balances and alignment.


World first all-in-one Biomechanics system


Create new gold standards in prevention, assessment, identification and recovery.

BioCap's sensors and software merge data sets while tracking the user’s full body movements, capturing the position, acceleration, orientation and power of those movements. This allows for highly accurate movement analysis. Applicable to a wide range of human movement leaders including Orthopedic Specialists, Physical Therapists, Chiropractors, Athlete Performance Analysts, Workplace Injury Risk Assessors and General Practitioners.

The BioCap product is entered in the ARTG (Australian Registrar of Therapeutic Goods), ARTG 275059
Product Category: Medical Device included Class 1

Bio.Cap Data Graph

Valuable Data

Objective, comparable and comprehensive data of an individual’s movement capabilities and biomechanics including progression and regression.

Longitudinal data analysis of individuals and larger demographics.

World's largest biomechanical database.


Why BioCap?



Enhance productivity of the practitioner through more efficient time saving assessments.

Comprehensive Data

Inform individual assessments including return to work, sport, lifestyle decisions with the world's most comprehensive range of biomechanical data.

Teaching Technique

Enable teaching correct exercise technique with real time visual feedback of the individual supported by live streaming numerical data points.

Decision Making

Inform decision making and justification of clinical diagnosis with clinically validated data.

Injury Prevention

Injury prevention with data correlation against known injury markers.

Highlight Imbalances

Provide data that can highlight postural imbalance and weight bearing asymmetry.


Bio.Cap Vision

Technical Validation

The position tracking capability of the system has been clinically validated against the gold standard MicroScribe digitizer device as well as the VICOM motion capture system. 


The Technology

The technology has been developed over an 8 year period, initiated by a UK University with over USD 10 million dollars of R&D. Our team includes Biomechanics Professors and Software Developers, Medical Professors and Physiotherapists.

The Realm system works with wireless inertial and optical sensors.

Modular Sensor Technology
Radio Frequency
Microsoft Kinect Camera

3 Axis Accelerometer
3 Axis Magnetometer
3 Axis Gyroscope